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Sep 3, 2010 11:00pm EDT
wilson -- recovery for maria theresa wilson, a former educator with a masters degree battling back from a head injury that left her devastated both physically and financially. >> i didn't know where to go or what to do. >> reporter: unable to work her northwest d.c. home went into foreclosure. that's when she was approached by a man promising help. >> they knocked on the door and said we realize you're in preforeclosure and we can help you do this and help you with your a rearages and i said oh, my god, this is wonderful. >> reporter: that man worked for vincent abel, a local d.c. businessman involved in real estate and the mortgage business. wilson said she unwittingly signed over the title of her house to abel and became a renter in her own home. she still had to pay her mortgage and when she couldn't keep up, abel evicted her. >> it's like a re-f is i what you're thinking you're doing. that's the -- re-fi is what you're thinking you're doing. that's the way it was presented as a refinancing and the next thing you know, they're saying no, it was a sale. how can you be educated and mis
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1